Day 121 – mirror re-do



This mirror has been through a lot. I mean, it is a plain rectangle, painted with a gold finish. I can’t even remember where we got it, but I have changed it so many times to suit my decorating needs. First, (and trust me, I wish I had a photo of this!) I glued silk flowers from some old leis on it, in orange and yellow. After a few months of that, I realized how absolutely juvenile it looked. So, off came the flowers and on to glitter and mod podge! As you can see, the glitter glue I used didn’t quite pull off the desired look, and neither did the cut out flowers I modpodged on.
In comes the washi tape! Since this stuff worked so well with my other mirrors, I decided to give it a go on here. I think it turned out great. Much better and since washi tape is removable, I can always take it off and start over again. 🙂

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