something from nothing

Last weekend, I was at the May Fair with my sister, enjoying a lovely day outside and wandering through craft booths and food tents when I started babbling on about how I got excited over a spiral notebook that I finished all the paper in and I was taking out the wire binding to re-use the back and front covers.  She’s such a good sport, listening while I twittered like an excited blue jay, over my new craft project I wanted to make with this piece of trash.

Well, I think I have every reason to be excited; check this out! I made these cute earring organizers to get my earrings all put away nice and neat and in one place instead of all jumbled in the jewelry drawers.  Now, it may not look like much, and you’re right.  It isn’t!  It was merely 2 pieces of cardboard headed for the trash, with a couple pieces of scrapbooking paper that I mod podged on.  I especially like using spiral leftovers because you don’t have to poke holes through the cardboard which can be tough to do without ripping your scrapbook paper.

I made one of these before in my year of 365 projects a day back in 2013. In fact, the large, red board is the one I used, fashioning from a leftover calendar for that one which you can see here:

Anyway, I am very pleased to have these hanging on the wall now and all it took was a little thinking outside the box, a spiral notebook, some pretty paper and some good ol’ fashioned mod podge.

earring organization2 earring organization3

trash to treasure
trash to treasure


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