Easy DIY project! Independence Day bandanna banner

Well, I just couldn’t stay away…I have been working on a complete overhaul of my blog and am planning a formal re-launch soon, but I had to share this adorbs project with you!

This was super easy to do and adds a nice splash of patriotic colors for Independence Day today!  All I did was get some thick cording and 4 bandannas.  I cut the bandannas in quarters with a pair of pinking shears to give that “finished” look to the edges.  I then used a sharp hole punch and poked holes along the top to thread my cord through.  I was hoping this would be it, but I realized the fabric was flopping around too much, so I took the extra time and tacked the corners together to keep it together.

bandanna banner 20150704_110152 20150704_110253

Stay safe out there today and enjoy your 4th of July!  Keep your dogs and cats safe and comfortable since it’s not exactly their favorite holiday with all those fireworks popping off.  🙂


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