Day 120 – White chocolate

white choc2

white choc
Uhhhh…I don’t think my white chocolate is supposed to look like this. First try is the brown batch-partly brown because I used coconut sugar and partly brown because it burned a little. No matter how much I love coconut sugar, it isn’t suitable for every recipe. It will burn in baked goods if you don’t watch it closely and apparently, it burns on the stove too.
Batch #2, made with white sugar and it still was really grainy, like the sugar never dissolved. I even heated over med low heat to ensure the cocoa butter (which I have read is fickle) didn’t burn. Hhmmm…I am not sure if I want to try again tonight with powdered sugar or not. I’m starting to dislike the smell of cocoa butter as it cooks away on my stove top and the smell wafts throughout the house. Just not quite right; it smells like a step beyond chocolate and I can’t place my finger on why I don’t like the smell.

Here is the recipe I used since I wanted a vegan version:

Has anyone else tried to make homemade white chocolate?

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