gardening in burlap coffee bags

I finally found a use for my beloved burlap coffee bags.  We planted in them!  I love these things; the designs on these bags has always intrigued me and I was lucky enough while living in Colorado, to obtain several of these babies for free from a local coffee roaster.  I actually tried my hand at some crafts using the jute material, but on my first try, I put them in the washer to soften the material and practically ruined my washing machine.  So, I packed them up and brought them when we moved to NJ, sure I’d find a way to use them.

They finally came in handy when we ran out of space in the new vegetable garden this year.  Burlap is a great way to plant and jute is a renewable, natural resource.  It also is perfect for planting because the woven fibers are great for air and water flow.  And despite the “holes”, it is surprisingly a good way to retain moisture, too.  So far, we have some beautiful seed potatoes and a hearty artichoke growing and they look happy in their new home.  And talk about easy!  All you need is a burlap bag, some dirt and your favorite plant.  This is a good way to garden in tight spaces or if you don’t have a yard.  You can easily find a spot on a sunny balcony or patio.  Just make sure you put down some sort of barrier if putting on concrete or a hard surface.

gardening in small spaces
gardening in small spaces
burlap coffee bag
burlap coffee bag
potatoes in burlap coffee bag
potatoes in burlap coffee bag
artichoke in a burlap bag
artichoke in a burlap bag


  1. Hi Mustardseedbudget, thanks for stopping by and I must admit, I didn’t know my About page disappeared once I changed my theme. Thanks for pointing that out.
    In 2013, I started this blog as a way to “get unstuck” from my boring job and to find out more about God’s purpose for me. I posted every day for 365 days that year and tried everything from crafts, recipes, to art projects and just plain writing. It was an incredible experience and I became very “unstuck” with a move from Colorado to the East Coast and job change that year. It was amazing what God did in my life in 2013. I am still not sure what His plan and purpose is for me, but I’m on a journey and trust Him completely with what He has in store for the future.
    I am currently planning to work on making this blog more professional and I thank you for bringing this to my attention. As a fellow blogger, you must know that things like this make a difference in your readership. Any tips on working around in WordPress are much appreciated if you have any! 🙂
    Thank you and good luck with your blog as well. I enjoy reading it!

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