Calling all ocean lovers!

Yesterday was World Oceans Day.  I’m sorry I didn’t get this out sooner, but I say, every day should be World Oceans Day!  If you love the ocean as much as I do, you want to see it as a happy, healthy, gigantic organism that brings life to the whole planet.

You can do your part to keep her clean by even the smallest thing such as picking up the trash from the gutter before it washes down the sewers.  Some of that trash actually ends up in the ocean, did you know that?  Probably not if you’re in Nebraska, but anywhere on the coast.

You can also help educate others about the harmful usage of pesticides which washes down the drains and into our streams, ponds and other currents of water that flow out to sea.  This hurts not only the ocean, but many useful bugs and animals along the way.  Darn that green grass that everyone wants to have!  However, if you want to make a difference in your community, maybe speak to the lawn companies that have a sign on your neighbor’s yard and ask if they use non-toxic chemicals.  It doesn’t hurt and only puts a bug in their ear that shows someone is interested in a more environmentally responsible way to keep the grass looking pretty.

What about choosing sustainable seafood?  One of my biggest bones of contention with the human race is how we have depleted our sea of many fish and shellfish to almost the point of extinction.  I LOVE me some good sushi, but what about checking with the sushi chef before ordering to find out what is sustainable on the menu or asking the seafood counter at the grocery store for their recommendations?  The more we show interest, the more they will realize it’s important to their customers and will hopefully make a change.

It all starts with me, with you.  We don’t have to wait for someone else to do it first.  Remember the wise saying from Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Now for some gratuitous photos from the Jersey Shore.  These were taken in Seaside Park, NJ of the majestic Atlantic ocean and also, Barnegat Bay.

20130921_064819 ocean4 ocean3 ocean2 ocean1 20130909_140321

Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore


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