Day 28- Glow in the dark leather hair clips!

I saw this pin on Pinterest and wanted to try it with the recycled leather I have laying around.  I love how she uses gold leaf, I however, did not have any and started to paint my leather heart with a metallic acrylic paint.  Don’t you love how things work out when you try to go one way and the project ends up going a completely different direction?  Well, I got really lucky with this.  I didn’t like the acrylic paint, so I wiped it off to get a clean start…what I didn’t realize was that the effect of the paint settling in the grooves of the leather made for a really cool weathered look that I ended up keeping.  I topped each of these barrette/clips off with some glow in the dark glitter glue-It worked like modpodge on my leather and I love how they turned out!  The other one with the embellished edge was the one I used a leftover adhesive “gem” strip.  It turned out cute too!  

Once I created these, I glued on to a piece of fabric and attached to the bobby pin or clip.

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