Day 27 – upscale comfort food!

I have been sick this weekend and craving soup.  So today, I made my soup along with a side of comfort.  I made the best grilled cheese; I mean it was heaven!  Now, as a holistic health coach, I try to eat well and stay away from lots of dairy.  But I also know the dangers of complete deprivation and how it can turn a nice upstanding citizen into a raving lunatic in a matter of days.  There are days where it is a real challenge to eat well and today was one of those days. 🙂  However, this is not a velveeta and “let me see what else artificially colored and flavored I can jam into my sandwich”, kind of sandwich.

You will need: 

good bread (I chose a nice, nutty whole wheat type, but I highly advise a thick wedge of sourdough too)

cheddar cheese

brie or similar creamy french cheese

cream cheese

dijon mustard


Prepare bread by toasting lightly, then spread room temp cream cheese on each half, and the brie if it’s spreadable.  Make sure your cheddar is sliced very thin so it will melt nicely and arrange on the bread evenly.  Squirt a little of that foo-foo mustard on each side and put slices together.  Melt butter in pan over med high heat and put the sandwich in.  Lower heat depending on how hot your burners are-you want to make sure you get both sides nice and golden but don’t burn it.   And be careful not to lose your cheese when flipping.  I also used a lid to ensure it was heating throughout.

Enjoy and dip in your fave soup or spicy ranch dressing!


  1. Mmmmm! Gonna try this (a variation – I don’t have any brie atm) tonight with some tomato soup. Reminds me of winter!

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