Day 29- DIY dog toy!

Today’s fun project was more fun for Tiger, our almost 3 year old Boxer, than for me. It involved a lot of hand sewing, which would be no big deal usually except that I used a very small needle and lost it several times while weaving back and forth through the fabric!
I took an old plastic water bottle, which Tiger loves to play with to get the “crinkle crinkle” sound and wrapped it in fabric. I used a piece of an old faux fur blanket and sewed it up inside, leaving the 2 ends open. My planned effect was to be like a “tootsie roll” but of course, that means the bottle would slip out. I took long leather bootlaces and tied the ends, knotting several times. This part in itself was a lot of fun for him-like a giant strip of doggy dental floss!
Tiger loved it!

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