gallery Day 9 – year round garlands!

My love affair with garland started shortly after I started on Pinterest but didn’t really get hot and heavy until December of this year!  I wanted to spruce things up this Christmas in anticipation of my family’s visit from NJ, so I dove in.  First, it was plain white garland in the front hall to imitate snow falling, then it was sheet music and ornate scrapbook paper for my musician parents guest room.  Then, on to the glitter paper ones in the guest room for sissy and before you know it, almost every open space had something hanging that I had created with a simple large size hole punch from Hobby Lobby.

Garland can be used all year round.  The music ones will definitely stay up in the guest room where they hang on the fake plant and table lamp. And since I have mounds of scrapbooking paper, I will be working on some ones for spring and summer in the coming months. 

For this project, I used a large size hole punch, various patterned and plain white paper, fishline to string them on and glue sticks to glue the circles back to back-lining up the fishline down the middle of each circle.

Easy and cheap decorations for year round accenting!


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