Day 154 – Macrame!



Macrame? Yes, macrame! This 70’s craft is back. Get this, it took us 5 minutes to make a 10 knot plant hanger. Maybe a larger and more detailed one should be on the docket for summer, or maybe a really cool, old 70’s owl for the wall. Haha! And yes, I absolutely love the 60’s and 70’s-the interior decor from back then still gives me butterflies; I love it so much. The bold colors, the bizarre shapes and things people did to their homes. How did we ever get stuck in this beige, square society? Let’s spice it up, people! Screw those Home Owner’s Associations and paint the house purple. Totally just teasing on that. 🙂

Check out the Youtube link for easy instructions on the macrame 10 knot plant hanger:

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