Day 153 – more journals




It’s no surprise that I love vintage and antique graphics and ephemera. This journal made from a plain composition notebook features gorgeous vintage graphics from The Graphics Fairy. She has the best collection of vintage graphics, hands down, on the internet and better yet, they are free!
Check her site out and I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own journal to collect your thoughts, prayers, concerns, joys and remembrances. Nothing better to write them down in than a beautiful journal you created yourself! I mod-podged these gorgeous pictures onto my notebook and get this, NO BUBBLES in my finished mod podge product this time!

Graphics Fairy site:


  1. I love journals, especially leather ones. I have a beautiful one right now that I don’t want to write in just yet because it’s so perfect and I don’t want to write just anything but something really good. It’s complicated. lol. I love the old leather ones with the leather straps that tie around the middle.

      • Absolutely! I’m just waiting for the day where I think up the best story ever, and then I’ll use that journal. : )

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