Day 132 – belt shelf



I waited and took several shots of this project but never found the perfect lighting…sorry about that! At least you will get the gist of it. This belt shelf project has been floating around Pinterest for years. Mine works perfect for my plants and vintage knick knacks in the window.
I took 4 XL leather belts I purchased from the thrift store and belted them together. Then I put my top shelf in between the belts about half way down the length. Holding the shelf upright at 90 degrees, I then drilled a couple screws in through the belt and into the wood to secure. Do this in both the front and the back of the shelf. Then, I wanted it secured to my ceiling/window frame, so I screwed it directly into the frame. The bottom shelf was easy to put in to the bottom of the belt “loop” once the shelf was hung.

Make sense?

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