Day 110 – Happy Earth Day-15 Ways to Help!


I really prayed about this post today in order to reach the most people and make as big an impact as I can. You see, I’m just one person in one corner of the world, but even I can make a difference. I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I’m a passionate lover of our Earth. Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus alike; we all benefit from this beautiful planet. If you love the sound of the birds singing in the morning, the smell of the first rose of the spring, the eye-watering sight of a mother cow nursing her newborn calf, then you can make a difference.


This is not meant to be a political statement, but rather a nudge towards awareness. A call to action. God put humans in charge of this planet; to be stewards of His goodness and beauty. Not to destroy, mame and kill.
Working for an environmentally friendly company has shown me some things that must wrench God’s heart. I have physically talked to the workers on the large ships collecting plastic trash out in the ocean that is killing the wildlife. I have also learned how long it really takes for a piece of styrofoam to decompose in the landfill. What can we do? We can stop letting the “next person” do something and take ownership today; here and now.


As I write this, I have teared up imagining the sweet prairie dog field being torn up for a new high rise development in my town. Let’s share this planet with our furry and feathered neighbors. What about the shredded plastic bag, floating high in the tree in your local park turning that beautiful tree into an eyesore? Bring your reusable bags next time to the store.


Here are 15 ways you can make a difference!

1. Change to electronic bill statements. You will not only save paper but you will save the hassle of having to file and sort the darn things.
2. Use your reusable bags every time you shop. Get extras for your car so you don’t forget.
3. A small thing, but don’t spit your gum out while driving or throw your cigarette butts out the window. Small animals think they are bits of food and can get hit by a car. Besides, it’s ugly.
4. Carpool, take alternative transportation or bike to work a couple times a week.
5. Spring is here-plant some native plants to your area that need little watering or attention.
6. Don’t buy bottled water. Have you seen the commercial from Brita Water Filters showing the plastic bottles used every year and how they can circle the earth?
7. Reuse everything you can. Your husband’s old work shirt; how about sewing it into a cute, new belted dress for yourself. Those old cookie tins; spray paint them and reuse for gifts!
8. How about using white vinegar on your weeds instead of nasty chemical fertilizers.
9. Do you need all the lights on in your house? How about opening all the blinds and curtains to let the natural light in. It’s healthier, too.
10. A no-brainer, but recycle if it’s available in your area and compost, too. Home composters can create great garden soil.
11. Try meatless Mondays-giving up meat just one day a week can make a huge impact. If you can’t give up your meat, at least spend a couple extra bucks for higher quality and healthier grass-fed beef.
12. Support your local farmers by going to farmers markets or supporting stores that purchase locally produced products.
13. Heck, try growing your own veggies and fruits this summer!
14. Love hiking? Support the National Park system or even volunteer in your area to clean up trash and restore damaged areas.
15. Buy organic whenever possible. Did you know that workers in the strawberry fields have to wear gas masks when applying the pesticides and not re-enter the area for 2 days? Think about what that does to the birds of the air or the bees that we depend on to cross-pollenate our crops. Not to mention what it does to our bodies.


Earth, this place we call home, is the only one we get. Please, take today and do your part. Even the smallest thing can make a difference. It’s not about your political or religious views or even about where you live, but about working together to preserve what we love.


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