Day 336 – vegan, gluten & sugar free muffins

Wow! That’s saying a lot, huh? These Cinnamon Date Muffins boast that they are vegan, gluten free and with no sugar added. I can just hear my dad busting my chops by saying, “they must be flavor free, too”. 🙂
Actually they are really tasty. I only wish I baked them a little higher of a temperature or a little longer. I’ve been working with an oven in recent months that is about 50 degrees hotter than it says, so I was too cautious this time and they were slightly mushy inside.
However, they taste really good! The only substitute I made was I used this stuff called Mila that my sister gives to me instead of the chia and flax. It worked perfectly. Here is the original recipe and if you don’t have fancy oat flour just grind your own plain oats in the coffee grinder!



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