Day 322 – buttercream

Doesn’t the word buttercream just make your mouth water? Once again, here I go giving out another sweets recipe after all that talk about a healthy Thanksgiving. Well, one important thing to remember is that by completely depriving yourself, you can end up with bigger problems instead of giving in and really enjoying a treat every once in a while.
And no, I don’t usually ever create anything quite this overboard sweet, but here we go. This was another lovely creation for the craft sale. I adapted my recipe slightly from this original one here:

Two Ingredient Buttercream Fudge

1 package of white chocolate chips
1 16 oz tub of buttercream flavored frosting

Melt together in either the microwave in a microwaveable dish or in a pan on the stove top. Mix until smooth and melted and pour into a foil lined pan. Let it sit to harden and then cut into squares.



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