Day 185 – so many uses, so little time!

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I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere, whether on Pinterest or at a recent summer wedding, the use of burlap in home decorating these days. I fell in love with coffee bags about 4 years ago when I planned the first summer picnic for the company I work for. We were using them for sack races. Someone had a connection with a local coffee roaster and brought them for me. If I weren’t allergic to jute, which is the natural fiber that the bags are made from, trust me, I’d have burlap coffee bags wrapping everything in my house from an ottoman to the headboard in my bedroom.

Here are some of my favorite uses for burlap coffee bags. The first one is one that I’ve tried, others are from the internet.

1. I used them as a makeshift rug for our camping trips. Perfect for the dogs to lay on and keep the dirt out of the RV! Not the best photo, but you get the idea. Easy to wash off and pack back up for another trip.


2. To cover furniture. As I said before, unfortunately I am allergic to jute so having it in the house is a no-no for me. But, I love the look! Check out the links below for a couple fun ideas!
An ottoman :
A chair :

3. To make into reusable, durable totes!

4. Frame as artwork
5. Even use them in the garden; how about filling the bag with dirt and voila-a makeshift gardening container!

I’d love to hear some of your ideas and if you have had luck working with these cool bags-perfect for recycling, repurposing…the sky is the limit!


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