Upcycling a live tree?

Upcycling a live tree you ask?  Isn’t upcycling when you use old stuff and turn it into new stuff you ask?  Yes, it is, and even though this ugly duckling tree isn’t dead, it was slated for demo until my mom worked her magic on it.  My beautiful mother doesn’t know I am writing about her and her adorable project today. In honor of Earth Day this week, I am sharing this fun and beautiful upcycled tree with you.

My sister and I can definitely say we learned ways to reuse and repurpose at an early age from her thrifty spirit.  As a young mother of 2 during the 70’s and 80’s, she got creative in the kitchen and around the house to save money and to express her amazing creativity.  This project today is nothing new for her; finding something other people would throw out or get rid of and turn it into something lovely.  The tree of interest is a live tree that lost 2 main branches over the years to some sort of disease or rot, but it still has a healthy limb which is just starting to bloom this spring.  She hollowed out the two “stumps” enough to put some soil in and plant these lovely spring pansies.

Adorable, and what a great idea.  Right?  😉

pansies 3 pansies2


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