Compassion…a lost emotion

Rather than rant and rave over something that happened this morning,  I want to share this in the hopes that it reaches even one person, who might have a change of heart or pass on to someone who needs a change of heart today.

I am still shaking from seeing a cat in the road this morning, her eyes still lit up from my headlights. I knew she must be alive so I waited for the light and made a U-turn, heart pounding because I know I HAD to do something and really didn’t want to stop in this rough, dirty neighborhood. By the time I got there, several cars with drivers that didn’t give a **** went right over her. With tears in my eyes and hands shaking, I picked up her still limp, lifeless body and moved her to the grass. Meanwhile, an idiot, I mean, lovely human being, was pulling into his driveway right next to where I was and he looked up and laughed. Laughed even harder when I asked if it was his cat. I am so disgusted and completely at a loss. God is trying to teach me something here but it can’t possibly be to love my neighbor as myself.

Yes, I’m frustrated, disgusted and still extremely mournful.  I had no attachment to this lowly “street” cat in Camden, NJ, but am full of sorrow that the human race has come to this.  Desensitized by the media and over-hyped on things that don’t matter.  Our lack of compassion is the greatest thing we can lose.  I imagine that God sheds a tear with each horrific act of violence done to our animals and the beautiful planet he created for us to live in.

Proverbs says to be kind to animals
Proverbs says to be kind to animals


  1. You gave that poor little kitty some dignity when you moved him. Karma is real and yours will be compassion and love.

  2. Thank you for telling me about this post. I clicked “Like” because I like what you had to say, but the story of what happened to the poor kitty horrifies me. As far back as I can remember, seeing a dead or injured cat or dog at the roadside would torment me. I would wonder whether its family was frantically searching, or heartbroken. Even worse, I would wonder if it had been homeless and suffering before it died. I agree totally that God expects us to treat all his creation, and especially his animals, with respect and compassion. It hurts me to see any living things suffer, and I am comforted that God promises us that even the sparrows do not escape his notice.

    I hear people say “why worry about animals when there are so many humans in need?” but usually it seems to me that people who treat animals well will treat humans well, and vice versa. Bless you for showing kindness on this poor kitty. I know it must have been terribly hard on you — it makes me sad just to read about it.

  3. Thanks Julia for your support. It was hard to write about this, a subject so dear to my heart and I was so sad that no one came by to read it. Thank you. Have a blessed weekend!

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