A simple dessert – Italian style

Good (freezing) day to you all from the frigid Northeast!  It may be too cold to do much of anything but hunker down and “weather the storm” so to speak, but even the negative wind chills won’t dampen my incurable sweet tooth.  A warm, drizzled custard sauce poured over fresh, tart berries…now doesn’t that just make your toes tingle?

Zabaglione.  Yes, that’s it.  A dessert that starts with a Z.  For the love of all things sweet and pure, how did I not know about this before?  There are several great recipes online, but this is similar to the one we made.  3 simple ingredients and boy, do they pack a punch.  I could swim in this stuff…fresh, fluffy egg yolks with wine and sugar…this is what dreams are made of!  At least mine.  🙂  And look how pretty the presentation is; even with a side dose of Vitamin C from the berries to balance out the guilt from eating something so decadent.  Can’t get much better than that.



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