music and nature

I haven’t been hiding from you lately, but rather, working on a great “reveal” to share with you next week so stay tuned!

However, today I had an overwhelming thought to put this gorgeous photo taken in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, together with a thought that came to my mind after listening to some music.  I happened to be listening to a new, very ethereal song by my favorite electronic musician and felt the music wash over me, taking me to a place of peace.

I hope music does the same thing for you.  It’s unexplainable how it has the power to evoke emotions and feelings at the drop of a hat.  Be it the first song you danced with your husband to, or the exquisite notes strung together in a Mozart aria, I dare to say it is one of the most amazing gifts we humans have the privilege of experiencing.  I feel God’s presence in music, do you?



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