first 5 minute project of the year

Let’s hear it for packing tape!  You’ll see why in a minute.  I was so excited after receiving this glorious fabric from a friend to use it to recover something and after searching around the house a bit, I found the perfect item; an old step ladder.  It was pretty gnarly, so I cleaned it up and was ready to recover the foam.  Then, disaster struck as I went through the whole garage, top to bottom looking for the staple gun and some gorilla glue.  No luck!  So, being the thrifty and creative woman she is, my mom came over and suggested using duct tape or packing tape.  It worked!  It will be great, maybe not long term, but for now, it’s holding nicely.  I just wrapped the foam like a package and taped ‘er down!

Voila!  A new step ladder!  Kinda. 😉







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