New Year – New You! A salad for beautiful skin!

I admit it.  I’ve been hiding from you.  I’ve been under a rock, licking my wounds and trying to crawl out of the pit.  I don’t know if it was my Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking into high gear or the fact that I was sideswiped with the worst flu I’ve had in years, but I felt downright depressed and instead of cheering in the New Year, I wanted to wish time away.  However, the great God of mercy, hope and love, reached down to lift me up during my little feeling sorry for myself episode and put me back on solid ground; strengthening me and showing me that 2015 will be MY year!  Just when I think I can’t handle any more, there He is; showing up mightily on my behalf.  Healing, restoring.  🙂

So, without further adieu, here is a fantastic recipe for a salad that will bring about healing and beauty to your skin this winter.  Why not start the year out right by choosing foods that heal and nourish your body?

This salad has several main ingredients that are especially good for the skin which is why I call it my New Year’s Beauty Salad.

Arugula – high in sulfur and Vitamin A, great for sun damage and acne

Pumpkin Seeds- high in B vitamins, great for glowing skin

Cucumber – great for cleansing

Radish – High in sulfur, silicon and vitamin C which are great for connective tissue formation and make for glowing skin.

Avocado – high in good fats that help nourish the skin

For a complete run down on the ingredients in this salad, check out David Wolfe’s Top Ten Beauty Foods here; .  We took his whole list and mushed them into one, glorious recipe!

New Year’s Beauty Salad (enough for 2-3 small salads)

2 cups arugula

1 organic cucumber (or 2 small cukes)

5 radishes, sliced

3 tb pumpkin seeds

1 sliced avocado

2 tb hemp seeds

1/2 c assorted olives

1 c cooked black quinoa (or plain is fine)

Dress with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, ground turmeric, and lemon juice and toss with all salad ingredients.  Enjoy cold!

So, instead of setting resolutions this year, how about committing whole-heartedly to taking care of the one body you will ever get?  There is no “new body lot” to trade your old one in.   Keep this one running smoothly.  Feed it with supreme fuel, wash it with gentle cleansers and watch it sparkle like new for years to come!






  1. Looks good Kathy. I think it has at least inspired me to try and make a salad for more meals. Aside from the taste it is the texture and the lovely sound of crunching that I like in a salad. I enjoy celery even though they say it has no real nutritional value. Oh well. Its great with peanut butter also! Good eating!

  2. Sounds and looks delicious, Kathy! Thanks for all your recipes and ideas. You inspire me to eat better, not just a salad out of a bag. Glad you’re feeling better! Happy new year!🎉

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