Christmas cookies and the frustrating world of the internet

I’m sorry.  I haven’t written in a while, because well, frankly, I’ve been hurt.  It happened; the thing that no blogger or writer wants to talk about or discuss-the lack of likes on a post.  Yes, I am one of those uber-sensitive people that really knows better but still lets her emotions get hung up on the tiny button at the bottom of the post.  But I know I’m not the only one out there who feels bad watching all her friends get hundreds of likes on their blog posts or even silly Facebook pictures of their neighbor’s cat (no disrespect to cats 🙂 ) wearing a santa hat when you’ve poured out your soul for all to see.

Now being a seasoned blogger, I know better!  I posted every flippin’ day for a year last year and still never managed to crack the 50, (well, realistically, more like 25) “likes” mark.  And I know I didn’t go out every day and “like” everyone else’s pages and comment on your gorgeous travel photos or snide remarks about my Jesus, but frankly I didn’t have time.  I was too busy blogging every day!  Oh yeah, and working full time and moving across country.  So please forgive my lack of marketing and establishing relationships throughout the WordPress world.  Yes, I know better.  This is the foundation of all good blogging and it’s not that I didn’t want to.  I just plain didn’t have time!

So, you’d think I might be a popular blogger by now with over 410 posts under my belt and all that experience.  That, and the fact that I actually don my battle gear and wage a daily war in internet-land; keywords, algorhithms, SEO, you name it.  That’s a part of my full time job these days; marketing and internet sales for a manufacturing plant.  And I still don’t know CRAP!  The science and ever-changing internet drives me BATTY!  I’ve read hours worth of documents on how to market your blog, watched videos, read e-books, attended webinars.  You know what?  With all that knowledge I got 3 likes on my last blog post.  Hours upon countless hours marketing, researching, making sure I have all the right words under keywords, but without “keyword stuffing” because God forbid, the google-machine gets upset and then your blog can’t be found anywhere.

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am?  I honestly don’t know how people do it.  Get discovered.

Now, I apologize to those of you who were tantalized by the photo and hung in there. Thanks for listening to me rant.  And now for something fun!  Just for you; whomever is reading today.  You don’t have to hit the “like” button.  I promise I won’t rant again. 🙂

Check out these delicious Cranberry Bliss Bars.  This recipe was popular a few years ago as people started creating “knock off”  versions of the Starbucks treat.  I made these over the weekend for a cookie exchange.  And I kept a batch to myself.  And ate them all. 🙂


Here’s the link to the recipe I used.  Thanks, Recipe Girl!

By the way, as I was proofing this post and checking things out, I noticed the permalink says “f-the-internet”.  Haha.


  1. Aw Kbandruk, I love your blog and I’m glad you’re still posting. I’ve missed seeing you around also. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Hugs your way! ❤ (And P.s) Those Christmas cookies look very delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.:)

    • Awww Rose! So nice to see you! I was wondering how you’ve been these days! Hope you’re well! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also! Hugs!!! Don’t stay a stranger, my friend. And now that I have caught up on your blog to see all that has transpired, I will keep in touch, too! xo

  2. by the way, thanks for making these heavenly morsels for our cookie exchange at work . I managed to take the plate home before everyone got a chance to take them. haha

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