book review and hot flashes





One minute I’m crying.  The next minute, I’m laughing.  I feel as though I’ve been through an automatic car wash with my windows down.   Emotionally drained and ready for bed with my pink blanky and thumb in mouth.

Early menopause, you ask?  No, I’ve just read Renee Carlino’s newest book, After the Rain.

This woman is on fire with her latest masterpiece!  I mean, rarely have I ever felt such intense emotions while reading a fiction novel.  And lest you think it’s a fluffy, little Harlequin-esque story, just wait.  By page 38, I was ready to don my boxing gloves and knock one of the characters into next week and walk away.  Yet, while at the grocery store later that day, I could NOT stop thinking, what is going to happen next?

I became greedy with my hours until I finished the book.  Dogs whimpered to go outside, husband begged for me to finish and come eat dinner, phone beeped with mounting text messages and yet, I remained tucked away in my “woman cave”.  This story was addicting like a bag of Doritos and this girl was going nowhere until I finished.  And then, with a big smile on my face, I sighed like I’d been holding my breath for hours and turned the last page.

Below, is a lovely note from Renee’s editor, Jhanteigh Kupihea, with Atria Books and I hope it will further entice you to BUY THIS BOOK!

I’m so pleased to present After the Rain by Renée Carlino, a gorgeous contemporary romance that explores the second chances waiting beyond the shattered dreams of youth.

“To read a Renée Carlino novel is to laugh, cry, and fall in love, all while doing some serious soul-searching. As with her first two women’s novels, Sweet Thing and Nowhere But Here, Renee gives us a young, beautifully complex protagonist who must search for meaning and a sense of self after a devastating tragedy, all while navigating matters of the heart with the man who could be The One, if only she can get over the one who came before.

Early readers agree that After the Rain is to be cherished. New York Times bestselling author A.L. Jackson said, ‘[It] tore me up in the best way possible…goes straight to the list of my all-time favorites.’ New York Times bestselling author Mia Sheridan said, ‘Heartbreaking, hopeful, and beautifully written…Books like this make my heart feel full.'”

Needless to say, I am in full agreement that this book brought me hope (along with cherry, red cheeks and heart palpitations as I begrudgingly 😉 waded through some seriously sensual love scenes).  Thanks to the people at Atria Books for including me in the Blog Review Tour for Renee’s third book.  It’s been a great experience.

Renee, you’ve done it again and I can’t wish you enough continued success.  I’m pleased to be one of your biggest fans and honored to be one of your friends.


Now, go out and get this book!




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