Maple apple goodness

Tis the season for all things apple!  I was so pleased with how totally awesome (yes, I just said totally awesome) this recipe turned out.  It might have been a wee bit soggy, but hey, if you add 2 sticks of butter to anything you’re bound to have that problem. 🙂  I doubled this recipe and took it to the reception at church over the weekend that we hosted for after the big fall concert which went swimmingly, I might add!  You can’t go wrong with a room full of top notch, talented musicians from the Philadelphia area and even one flown in from Colorado!

This is a great way to use up those apples going bad on the counter.  Come on, I know you have them…you had every intention of eating them fresh as a snack, but then Halloween came and went and you were stuck with lots of candy.  If you’re a living, breathing human being, I know what you’d pick first.  Hhhhmmmmm; bruised, mealy apple or a Reeses peanut butter cup? 😉

So, here she is…the Glazed Apple Maple Blondie recipe!  Here is the original link from The Recipe Critic;

I used whole wheat flour instead and it worked out lovely.  Next time, I’ll try it with brown rice flour because this recipe is just begging to be gluten free!

***The only other note I may suggest, is to cook the sugar syrup a little longer.  I’m thinking that’s part of my “soggy” problem.  My glaze didn’t thicken as much as it probably should have.blondies boiling sugar syrup

Look at that gorgeous pot of boiling, bubbly, brown sugar and butter!




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