delicious flashbacks

I’m back and boy, have I missed blogging!  In fact, since a dear member of my family has been in the hospital, Sheila, (my computer) I haven’t even thought about posting anything.  She may be able to get off life support and come home soon (fingers crossed), but she’s still at Dr. Erica’s office. 🙂  So today, I saw a glimmer of hope; I’ll write on my break at work today!

Over the Labor Day weekend, I made these two “flashback” recipes that were featured on my blog last year.  Since many of you are new followers, please take a look around my 2013 posts because this girl posted every day for 365 days last year.  Sometimes, I look back and think, “How the **** did I do that; amidst a cross country move, leaving a job with none to go to, finding a place to live, and everything else that went on in 2013?”  I don’t know, but I did it and I’m still a proud woman of my accomplishments.  Most importantly, I know I could not have done it without the “Big Man” upstairs.  He’s a great blogging mentor, 🙂 so thank you, God!  You rock!

Entrez (means “enter” for the non-french speakers in the house) recipe #1:

Blueberry Banana Lavender Muffins.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  They are still as good as I remember and I’m pretty sure Yankee Candle should pay me for the use of this scent for a new candle.  Here’s the original link with the recipe:

And recipe #2:

Chocolate Coconut Frosting Shots.  Get this;  they are almost healthy!  Maybe not if you eat the whole batch like I have been known to do, but 3 tiny ingredients make for an amazing treat.  If you follow Chocolate Covered Katie, who is an amazing cook/baker of all things sweet and healthy, it came from her site originally.  But here’s my link from last year with the recipe:


So, thanks for walking down memory lane with me today.  I hope you try these!  blue1 choc2





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