food on your face

Today, rather than expending my energies by ranting and raving my unusually aggressive opinions on facebook regarding a video I saw, ( it was a really minor thing, some kids at the Jersey shore were chasing a seal, which is extremely rare for these parts.  They didn’t hurt it, but I was insensed by the parents’ lack of say, “parenting”, or maybe the lack of common sense that this is a precious wild animal…not a play toy to put braids in its hair or play paintball with, but to enjoy from afar), I am going to share with you what happens when I get an overabundance of delicious strawberries!

Ok, there is no real good way to take pictures of having smashed up strawberries on your face that isn’t going to evoke images of the AMC’s fall premiere of The Walking Dead, but you will get the idea.  The facial mask I made was probably not as pureed as it should have been, but it still smelled like heaven and yes, it tasted great, too.  Aside from the grit of the rice, because I used a coffee grinder to pulverize plain, uncooked rice instead of buying rice powder, it worked pretty well.  I felt clean and certainly yummy.  Fingers were sucked on after application and I can’t say an occasional blob of strawberry goo didn’t pop into my mouth, too, but all in all, it was fun and turned out great.

Here is the original recipe I used and doctored up just a bit by substituting honey for the milk because it has great moisturizing properties, and it tastes better:

And heck, if you’re reading this and you aren’t into health and beauty, looks like you found yourself a DIY Halloween makeup recipe, at least!

20140803_181149 20140803_175819 IMAG5888




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