Happy chocolate 4th of July!

It’s been a long time since I blogged and even longer since I’ve had a day off by myself. Unfortunately, you will see today what happens when I’m home alone…:) Instead of doing mounds of wash and scrubbing toilets, (bla bla bla) I opted for creating an unbelievable recipe today. I’m sorry it’s nothing with stars and stripes for the holiday, but it’s raining out and I feel like curling up with, well, a bowl of ganache brownie batter dip! I made this as a serving for 1 so there wouldn’t be leftovers. Ha! Like there’d be leftovers! Dark Chocolate Ganache Brownie Batter Dip 2 Tb dark chocolate chips 2 tb butter 1.5 tb cream cheese 1 ts cocoa powder (optional) 1 ts raw sugar or powdered sugar would be better for mixing but I like the raw flavor better! Heat chips, cocoa powder, the extra sugar if you desire and cream cheese just until melted. Then remove from heat and add butter. Mix well. Enjoy warm or refrigerate, although I didn’t try it cold. And if you’re wondering if that’s coffee in the background of the photos, why no. It’s not. It’s fresh, ground, roasted cacao. Like I needed more chocolate. 😉 20140704_100352 20140704_100545

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