Raw sunflower falafel

Happy Thursday! I am so excited to share this recipe with you that my sister and I made while starting the ever-daunting pre-juice fast diet. (If you haven’t done a juice fast before, this is where you will gradually move into a vegan and less processed diet a few days prior, so the juice cleanse isn’t quite as much of a shock to your system). Yes, we made it; did a fantastic 3 day juice fast and are still enjoying the benefits a week later. Little things like a clear head, less headaches (for me anyway), more energy and of course, a slimmer waistline.

But I digress. This recipe is perfect for vegans and carnivores alike. It’s full of nutrients and protein. Light enough for a summer meal when added to salad or hearty enough to get you through a long afternoon.

Here is the original recipe and it couldn’t be easier! http://goneraw.com/recipe/falafel-balls-no-dehydrator-needed



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