Mary’s Flowers

It’s been a long time and I apologize for not writing regularly. I just haven’t had the “heart” for it lately. It’s been over two months that we’ve been in our new (old) house, but it seems like forever. And yet, I still haven’t dug out my craft supplies.
As I mentioned before, the woman who owned the house before us was a neatnik and she left a lot of treasures. Some of them were various pots of fake flowers. Now I’m more of a real flower gal, but I just couldn’t throw all the things she loved and cared for so much, away. So, I created this wreath out of some of them as a memento or “ode” to her if you will.

Here is Mary’s wreath.

I re-used my Easter wreath from last year; disassembled it and re-assembled with some of her flowers for a lovely, spring/summer wreath for our front door.



Old wreath
Old wreath



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