fun addition for any party

I hosted my first party in several months for some friends this past weekend. It was a cocktail party but I stole this adorable idea from Pinterest. It’s probably something you would usually have at children’s birthday parties, however, my adults LOVED it!
I had an assortment of beer, wine and then either virgin Italian Cream Sodas or “spiked” with vodka. It really complimented my Italian theme to the soiree and made for a fun addition to the drink station.

To do this, you will need the following items:

– 3-4 different flavors of Torani Syrup and I recommend a variety of fruit flavors and maybe a vanilla or caramel. Note, if you can’t find cherry but want to make cherry sodas, you can use good old, fashioned grenadine!

– bottles of club soda or seltzer water

– heavy cream

– ice

-vodka (optional)

– a sign-could be a white board, a chalkboard, even printed paper on a small easel or stand

-pretty glasses and I found the adorable striped straws at Target in the party section.

Write out your sign with the following instructions:

1. fill your glass with ice
2. add two-four dashes (or pumps if you have pumps for the syrups) of syrup
3. top with soda water
4. add a splash of cream

Note, you may want to provide a shot glass if making this with vodka since you probably want to control how much your guests are drinking. 🙂

Optional, whipped cream and sprinkles, but I didn’t do this-would be cute though. And I’m sorry, I have no idea why I didn’t get a photo of one made up.





  1. thought of you yesterday as i finished my first “crafty project of the year” I cook but crafting not so much… so I will tag you in the post next week as the inspiration for me digging and i mean digging out my 20 year old sewing machine and heading to a thrift store… and I love italian sodas we used to get them as teenyboppers..

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