beautiful green

No, this isn’t an April Fools joke; you can actually get addicted to kale. My sister and I discussed this recently and I am not sure what it is. If it’s the clean feeling you get as these beautiful nutrients penetrate the cells in your body or the sheer health of it, but I’m addicted. And it’s not a bad thing! There was an article floating around the internet recently from some woman who got sick from eating kale where she talked about how you can eat too much and it having adverse effects. Well, I’d rather go down in a raw pile of nutritious kale, than buckets of sugar and fat. In reality, anything in excess can hurt your body. Am I right or am I right??
Anyway, now that spring is finally here, I loaded up on this amazing salad. Something about the kale when it’s rubbed with olive oil and course grained sea salt, has me giddy. Try ripping up a couple stems of kale, taking care to remove from the inner (and tough) stalk. Toss in a bowl with some olive oil and course salt and get in there-massage away. Good for your hands, too! It breaks down the toughness and coats the leaves, making for a less bitter taste.
I added some Italian lettuces, some cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. Just ignore the croutons…yeah, I added those, because I wanted the extra crunch. I barely need any additional dressing, but maybe a tablespoon of a homemade Italian vinaigrette…sooooooo good!



  1. I don’t think we get kale in India. But the rest of it and your crunchy description had me wolfish. Sounds yummy!
    I love crisp broccoli with olive oil. How do you get broccoli sans little worms?

    • Oh boy, well we get broccoli without the worms here because they spray the crop with chemicals which is bad. Unfortunately, most crops in the US have lots of pesticide to keep bugs away. This poses a big problem because we are eating the chemicals and it’s not good. Oh well. My mother used to grow broccoli and they used a bowl of water with a dash of vinegar to chase the worms out.
      I will look forward to following your blog now. Thanks for coming by!

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