getting in trouble with the bleach bottle…

What’s a bored girl to do with a bottle of bleach and some clothes she doesn’t want to wear? Try to make bleach flower designs, of course. I’m laughing at myself because I’ve never used bleach on clothes like for tie dying or anything, so I totally didn’t know how much bleach to use or how much it would bleed…oh well. I used a sponge brush and dabbed it on the top and then the bottoms in a continuous pattern. At least I had fun. And it’s almost wearable in public.


Now, the other photo below is a cute patch I made for this jacket that I hate to admit, has been in my sewing basket to be repaired for…eh em…over a year. Finally pulled out the needle and thread and got creative with my patch. I had no fabric to speak of, since we’re in the process of moving yet again, so I used an old piece of Christmas ribbon. I love how it turned out and made from a scrap of ribbon I would’ve thrown out. yay-I love reusing/repurposing even the tiniest piece of seemingly unusable trash.




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