become a kid again…for a few hours

I may be 40 + years old, but I was a kid again the last couple days. It was dreamy…pulling out my colored pencils and choosing just which type of blue would work for the sky, or which shade of red for the barn door. Yes, I was coloring. 🙂 And it was awesome!
I just read that coloring can be one of the best forms of meditation. I don’t knit or crochet, but I imagine these similar hobbies might work, too. Anyway, I was whisked away to a time where colors and designs consumed me. I dug in and tried to stretch my brain by combining certain colors in ways that didn’t “make sense”. I simply loved seeing the colors bleed across a white sheet of paper with black lines and form images and scenes. It was like a mini vacation from the dreary wintery skies outside.
Try it! Don’t be afraid of what anyone might say or how old you are. I want to do it again…and again…in fact, I might add this to my spiritual practice and pull out the old pencils in a more regular fashion. It’s all about adding peace and calmness to your hectic life. Whether it’s job stress, the cold weather, illness or relationship problems, find out what works for you to get in that “happy place”. Then, go do it! It doesn’t have to be an expensive Caribbean vacation or an all day affair at the spa. Try a new hobby, or just fool around with a coloring book and the old box of crayons. Let yourself escape, for at least a little while. Your brain will feel refreshed!




For the cool pages I did above, here are the links:


  1. Loved this, and it just so happens that I have also reconnected with my inner child this past winter through drawing as well. I now keep a sketchbook, colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener next to my favorite chair and doodle away the evenings! I had forgotten just how relaxing it was and how you can get so lost in it. I do knit and crochet, which is also very meditative, but drawing can be so spontaneous.

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