luscious lips?

Since my last post about budgeting and math went over, as my dad likes to say, “like a fart in church”, I am back to discussing things I really like. For instance, sugar scrubs! This is a perfect way to pamper yourself during these frigid winter temps. Another darn polar vortex is headed our way…boo! But yay for this lip scrub! And yes, this was my first time actually using a lip scrub. I usually scrub off the old lipstick layers each night with a towel or wash cloth before applying lip balm, but this was cool because it didn’t just make my lips feel, “scrubbed” for lack of a better word, but actually soft and happy afterwards. The coconut and Vitamin E oils are great moisturizers and the sugar, well, it’s a delicious way to exfoliate! And yes, it tastes good…mmmmmmm….

Vanilla coconut sugar lip scrub
(enough for a few days)
1 ts coconut oil (just softened but not melted)
1/2 ts vanilla flavoring or extract
2-3 tb coconut sugar (or any sugar will do!)
3 drops Vitamin e oil

Mix and keep in cool area. To apply, rub a small amount on lips, careful to not tear at the delicate skin, but to exfoliate and clean off the dry skin. The coconut oil will melt on your lips. Leave on for about 30 sec-1 minute. You could even cover your mouth with a warm washcloth to help the oil to permeate your pores. Wash off thoroughly if you don’t eat it off. πŸ™‚



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