One word…

I am so sorry I haven’t been blogging! I’ve actually been wracking my brain on this particular project for quite some time. Now, I’m ready to unveil. πŸ™‚
I was introduced this year to the concept of picking one word for the new year. The theory goes, you feel something resonate or maybe some specific word has come up over and over in recent months and you focus on that one word for the year. Debbie Macomber, writer, even wrote an entire book called, “One Perfect Word” that talks about all her words over the years and how they have either shaped her life or helped her in some way.
After last year with my entire “getting unstuck” theme, I decided it’s time to dig in and actually find my purpose (my word for 2014). I spent a lot of time last year going through 365 projects, thoughts, recipes, prayers, frustrations and elations with all sorts of ideas to get further towards my goal of finding out “what I want to be when I grow up”. Purpose kept coming up for me before I settled in and chose this specific word. Purpose. Wow. The power of just one word is pretty cool.
Plus, have you ever done this? You were in need of hearing from God so you went to your Bible, closed your eyes and let the pages fall open and this would (in theory) show you something He wanted to show you. I know sometimes opening to Lamentations or Judges might not feel exactly right, so you try again. And again. Or at least until you get something you’d like to hear better. πŸ™‚ Well, I tried it this time; hoping the words would confirm that I’m on the right track in choosing my words. And bingo. It happened! I got the word purpose, not once but twice in the short chapter I chose! So, that’s my word. I feel God’s hand on this project of finding my purpose this year, through my blog and anything else that comes my way. Be it a new job, new surroundings, new friends, I fully believe this is my year! You don’t have to be a Christian to try it. There are several other secular groups rallying around the power of one word.
Ok, so now are you still interested in how I put my project together? At first, I thought I’d paint it white, which I did. I had big plans to do a photo transfer onto my surface. Well, I tried it with the wax paper theory (you print your image onto wax paper by running it through your printer like ordinary paper-you flip the image so it transfers correctly and then you put it on the surface and carefully rub it on) and got frustrated after 3 times so I canned that idea. I tried several other ideas and got so frustrated that I shelved the project for a couple weeks.




I ended up taking some of my favorite travel/Paris/foofy scrapbook paper and mod podged it on. It was a little too pronounced of a design to put words on top of, so I added some white paint to my mod podge and sealed it. Next, another trying idea. I read about printing out your design and putting a layer of newspaper under it and then tracing your design with the idea that the ink from the newspaper will produce a faint outline in which you can touch up and fill in. Well, this didn’t work either. So, on to good old-fashioned “eye-balling” and I held my curly corner design up while I used a black sharpie to draw my design on. Phew! It turned out pretty good I think! I also roughed up the edges with some sandpaper for an aged look.

For more information on one word, check out the following websites. It might just change your life!


  1. Thanks for all your blogs and the time you spend filling us in on all your inspirations, especially this thought-provoking one!

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