these should be illegal…

OH MY GOSH! I thought I had lost my mind, this cabin fever thing happening today; more rain/ice/cold crap falling from the sky making it impossible to maneuver the roads. Yeah, I am pretty sure I lost my mind when I was dying for some sort of sweet-(not too sweet mind you since I did all that hard work a couple weeks ago to wean off the hard stuff-high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, etc) today when I found myself reaching for a spoon, my coconut almond butter and that’s when the light went off. I had to add chocolate to this already decadent treat. Uh oh…yes, I did it. I dipped the spoon in the jar and gingerly pulled a heaping glob out and put in a bowl…next came a sprinkling of cocoa powder. Uh oh-it’s too late now! I gotta add a tiny bit of sweet; enter the teaspoon of honey and well, how about a teensy bit (about 1/8 ts) of coconut oil to add some healthy fat while I’m at it.
Ta-da! My cocoa coconut almond truffles!
Super healthy, too!

2 tb almond/coconut butter (I used Maranatha brand)
1.5 ts approx. cocoa powder
1/8 ts coconut oil
1/2 ts (more or less to taste) honey

If your nut butter is hard like mine was, gently heat for about 10 seconds so you can at least stir this concoction. If it’s too sloppy to roll into balls, then try refrigerating for about 30 min. The coconut oil will melt in your hands, but heck, just more surface to lick! šŸ™‚


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