sealed with a coat of mod podge

How many of you are out here on the east coast, or even somewhere in the Midwest and are ABSOLUTELY SICK AND TIRED OF THE BITTER COLD?? Can you tell how much I detest those icy tendrils of deep winter? If this freezing weather doesn’t lift soon, I will have names for each and every heating pipe and tube in this house. We’ve become very close friends in the last 2 weeks.
Anyway, one good thing came out of being cooped up for 3 full days. I mod podged my little heart out! I found some great finds at the thrift store; a bulletin board, some wooden trays and a wooden, cut out butterfly thing.

First was the bulletin board. I cut up some old fruit themed greeting cards and put them around the border. It will be perfect to write out the week’s meals in the kitchen!



Next, is another thrift shop find-a wooden, cut out butterfly that I turned into an earring holder after drilling a few holes in it. I love the fresh, green patterns I mod podged with. Makes me feel ready for spring!



And now for my favorite…I love these pink, wooden trays! They just bring a smile to my face. Not only is the color bright and cheery, but the patterns I chose just make me swoon! Most of the “collage” artwork is from various old calendars I cut up, some magazine pictures (from Mary Janes Farm and Victoria ) and a few scrapbook paper “scraps”. I layered them and really love how they turned out!







Hope this brightened your dreary winter day!


  1. love those trays also.. thank God the cold should leave here this weekend… the 40 are predicted. Today is the 8th day my son has not had school in a row.. that does not inculed the weekends… so hard to keep everyone happy indoors that much!

    • Wow! 8 days with no school? That is crazy! Well, we’re seeing another 3 inches of snow, but I am looking so forward to a “warm” 40 degrees this weekend. Stay warm!

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