help for the novice bloggers!

Here I am to the rescue! Any new bloggers out there looking to “spruce up” their photos? Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the number one advice from most pros is to really work on your pictures. Well, I kept blaming my camera which is a decent 8 megapixel camera in my Samsung Galaxy 2. I know, slightly outdated, but I can’t upgrade my darn phone yet. So, I’ve been rooting around on the internet for free photo editing software to sharpen up my pics. I even tried to play around with my Microsoft Paint on my computer, but I didn’t have much luck there.
Enter my two new loves!

PicMonkey was my first stop and I really found some easy and awesome editing stuff for FREE! I really like it so far and am pleased with what they offer on the free tier. However, if you want more bling, buy the upgrade.

~Be Funky
Yes, you heard me right. It’s a free online photo editing program called Be Funky. And because I am funky, I LOVE this one! They seem to have a slight edge over PicMonkey with what they offer for free as far as cool, cutting edge stuff. OMG. My photos will never be the same!!!

Now, if you’re scared, I will hold your hand and walk you through this. First, all you have to do is pick your photo and both websites have a place to upload it-you’re smart, I know you can find it. Once you have it up on the screen, heck-just start pushing buttons! Play around with it! PicMonkey will have a little white crown in the corner of their upgraded effects, so you won’t end up getting charged or anything.
Did I also tell you that on both websites you don’t have to create a log in and register and all that crap? How cool is that? Both are super user friendly and have an easy way to save your work right onto your own computer.

I may not be a graphic designer, but I can sure add some interest to my blog now and so can you!

Original photo:

As you can see below, you can layer effects too, such as text bubbles, textures, etc

pic monkey

pic monkey 2

pic monkey 1

Be Funky
I think they really excel in their “borders” department. I love the different borders you can choose. Once again, you can layer the effects as I did below with text and also, the falling snow.



I hope this helps you out and let me know if you have any other sites you can recommend!

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