Week 2 the other birthday project

So, a couple things are happening right now; firstly, I am not digging this format of me posting once a week or whenever I get a project done. There’s something missing and that’s you! I miss you as I’ve said before, but this willy nilly, no real concrete way to the blog is not working! I’m hopeful to get this ironed out pronto!
And, secondly, this project is something that I’ve been working on since early December.
I made my 365 Days To Getting Unstuck blog into a book for my number one fan, my adorable mom. 🙂


Now, it may not look like much, but let me tell you it is a huge deal to get it done! It was quite a journey trying to find an online book publisher and I even consulted a good friend who is a published author. But my problem was trying to consolidate 365 days of photos and verbiage into a book without it being a gazillion pages and a gazillion dollars. I can highly recommend a few book publishing websites even though I used none of them.

-Blurb.com was my magic wand once I discovered it could take a website address and plug the entire content into their software and thus creating the book. Unfortunately, my blog was so spazzed out that there were tons of missing photos and spots where there were blank boxes. It probably would’ve worked if it didn’t top out at 550 pages of page by page editing on my slow a** computer!

-Two other very notable book publishing services are Createspace.com from Amazon, and Lulu.com. I liked them both, but came up on the same problems as I did with Blurb.

Ok, so what to do? I messed around with the old fashioned cutting and pasting my 365 days of mayhem from last year into a 685 page Word doc (which I’m pretty sure took me 10 hours, including several crashes to my entire computer due to the immense size), thinking I could just upload it into book publishing software or online system. NOT!
Instead of giving up on the entire project, which I can say tallied up to about 20 hours when it was all said and done, I thought, well heck, I think I’ll skip the testing of my professional publishing skills here and just get the darn thing done. So, I made it into a beautiful hardbound photo book on Snapfish.com! Although Snapfish isn’t set up to have a lot of text in these photo books, I really love how it turned out. Like, I’m ecstatic! It’s more of a “scrapbook” if you will and I’m sure I saved the lovely recipient (hi mom!) the agony of trudging through some rather monotonous entries over the course of last year in favor of showing some of the highlights. Thanks Snapfish and I also got a killer online promo code which saved me $$!


On to next week’s project or whatever the heck I decide to do in the meantime.


  1. Yay! Congrats, Kathy. Love the report AND the pictures of your adorable mom, who somehow looks the same now as she did … what … 30 years ago?! Hope their move goes smoothly!

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