Week 2 project – all finished!

Hi-I’ve missed you all and I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was filled with the lovely sounds of stretching the packing tape across cardboard boxes as I prepare for yet another move. Not mine, but my parents are moving and I need to download some of my practical (and recent!) moving organization and knowledge onto them! Besides, this gal is still looking for a job to call her own, somewhere to be able to use all my dress clothes before they are out of fashion and I gots me lots of spare time right now. 🙂
So, here is my project! Mind you, I cheated a little. I originally planned on doing one of those projects you see on Pinterest, a DIY light up marquee sign of sorts. However, when I walked into the thrift store and saw this gem, I had to have it! So, I freshened her up with a little paint and then drilled holes to put my strand of white Christmas lights through. I would say this almost didn’t qualify for a longer project, but the darn lights were a bugger to get to stay in! I ended up using really strong double stick tape to tape down the cords and keep the lights in place. My sissy says she loves her Birthday present and I hope you like it too!






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