Week 1 project complete! – decoupage / mod podge whatever you want to call it

Wow, what a week this has been since last Wednesday, New Years Day and my first posting of the year. I’m still not 100% set on what my format will be with 52 Weeks to Creative Rebirth. Honestly, I miss you! I miss blogging every day and I’ve actually had to try not to jump on WordPress and just say hi some days.
However, it has given me more focus which is a key word for me this year and I am pleased to say I have two big projects done already! My humble step ladder was a good piece to do, easing me into this more detailed project theme for the year. The worst and most time consuming part was getting my tissue paper to not stick to my fingers as I chased it around the tight corners.




So, in a nutshell, I took this vintage step ladder, covered in many decades of goo and grime, cleaned her up, primed her with a fresh coat of white paint and decoupaged a lovely floral pink tissue paper on it. It’s funny how I started out with one plan and ended up doing a totally different one! I originally cut out a bunch of individual graphics, pictures and floral patterns and started taping them on in a test pattern. Hhhhmmm…I really loved the Victorian graphics I chose, but I wasn’t feeling it for this ladder. I didn’t want it to look like a kindergarten collage project. So, I nosed around the house and found oodles of pink tissue paper. Hhhmmm! Now, I love the continuity of the pattern!
This was really cool because I got to play around with “aging” it a little which I wouldn’t have done if I went with Plan A. Once I adhered all the tissue paper and sealed with a coat of Mod Podge, I let it dry and then took a piece of sandpaper to it. I roughed it up a bit in spots to give it a “used” look.


Then I finished with a high gloss Mod Podge coat and am really pleased with how it looks! Now, she will be a lovely “plant stand” or a place for books and a cup of coffee instead of getting tossed around the house.

Tomorrow I will post on my Week 2 project. I’m so excited!!!

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