Week 1 update and some Bang Bang Shrimp

Hi everyone! I have actually tried to restrain myself to not post…I know. Weird! But it’s even weirder not posting every day after doing it for so long!
So, here’s some stuff I made over the last couple days. I recovered a box with some pretty scrapbook paper to be a computer riser for my short little self.




And then, I made this beautiful Baked Bang Bang Shrimp to bring in the New Year with a bang! 🙂 Well, it’s less of a bang without being deep fried and for that, my stomach is eternally grateful. Here is the recipe I followed: http://www.jocooks.com/healthy-eating/baked-bang-bang-shrimp/


Now for the good stuff! But I can’t tell you. I know I’m supposed to be working on the ladder project which I am; she’s all primered white and ready to go, but I also have two special ladies (mom and sissy) in my life with Birthdays next week and the week after and I’m working on projects for them. And they follow this blog so I can’t say anything and it’s killing me! So, I guess we’ll have to wait for another week to unveil the first project. 🙂

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