Day 365 – grand finale or…

First I must clarify, I really did have 365 projects this year but my days got numbered incorrectly. So, today is really Day 365 and I have made myself a delicious Banana Cake with Buttercream Frosting to celebrate my very own blog Birthday! It turned out better than my wildest dreams and I dare say it’s one of my favorite recipes of the whole year. See here for recipe:

When I cried out to God last December 31st, completely anxious at the thought of yet another New Year turning over and no stinkin’ idea of what I wanted to be when I grow up or yet the bigger question, “what am I here on earth for”, I never in a million years thought I’d have gotten this “unstuck”!
It has been a year of highlights and lowlights for sure.

-I quit my cushy job after 5 and a half years.
-I had blue hair, well streaks.
-I watched the Seaside Park Boardwalk burn down.
-We sold our house in Colorado in less than 24 hours and had a fairly seamless move across country to NJ.
-I held a baby lamb on Easter Sunday. (this was on my bucket list)
-Speaking of bucket list, I sang 2 operatic arias in a recital and was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of singing the Lakme Flower Duet.
-I was interviewed by a magazine about my blog
-And I was interviewed on the news in NJ about a Nor’Easter which I knew nothing about.
-I got 2 jobs, and walked out 2 days later on both

Anyway, I could go on and on but that’s a lot of change in one seemingly tiny year! When I prayed for change, boy, I got change! And now as I reflect back, I’m still in the “changing process” on many fronts, but I am certain of one thing; God has great things in store for 2014!

So, what does this next year hold for this blog? I’ll tell you what I have felt in my spirit the last several days. People have been asking if I’ll continue and the thought of dredging up new projects every day for another 365 days was just too much. But I know what is being asked of me for this next journey into 2014. To “dig deeper”.
I know many of you enjoyed watching my crazed antics of trying to throw any little thing together just to have a post. But this year, I am being challenged to dig deeper. I am committing to one project a week for 52 weeks. I’m calling it, 52 Weeks to Creative Rebirth!
That means longer projects that require more time and effort and more attention to detail for this sometimes impatient gal. It’s going to be hard! I can’t just put two paper clips together and call it a craft anymore. I have matured and am now a seasoned blogger! I’m nervous but excited about the coming weeks. I plan on posting at a minimum of once a week with the planned project. However, I may interject during each week with thoughts or possibly updates on the project or maybe an impromptu one.
So, God willing, this season of change will begin to grow fruit and start showing me a path of what I’m called to do. Here’s to another year of “Getting Unstuck”!




  1. Kathy I love your blog and your ideas and your passion!!! So glad you decided to keep writing and can’t wait to see what this year brings 🙂

  2. I am sorry to be late to the Birthday Blog party, but WOW I am so impressed with your summary of your year! I hope you are not too homesick for the west (it took me a L-O-N-G time to quit mourning for California when we moved to Virginia in 2004) but the east coast has much to love about it. I will look forward to visiting your blog and your projects in 2014. I agree with you; blogging changed my life in ways I never dreamed it would. Here’s to another year of discovery for both of us!

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