Days 358, 359 – tips

Help-I’m running behind and trying desperately to put together a few more postings to conclude my 365 Days project…ugh!

Tip 1:

Amidst the holidays and racing around, someone in my family decided it was a good week to move. Luckily, I have just done that a few months ago and so I was able to provide some helpful tips. How about this for a good one? Although I’m not a proponent for wasting paper, I found neon colored sticky notes to come in really handy.
I labeled the kitchen cabinets with different colored stickies to show which had been packed and which still needed attention. Do you realize how much time is actually wasted during a move by having to go back through areas that were already packed? You could also do this with dresser drawers or even whole rooms.



Tip 2:

Gluten free bread crumbs! I’m probably not teaching you anything new, but I found this idea on accident. I had a box of rice krispie cereal and since we haven’t been eating it, I thought it would be going “stale” soon. So I threw a cup into my coffee grinder and whirled it up for some easy gf bread crumbs to coat our chicken tonight! You could do this with corn flakes or any kind of cereal (unsweetened please) for an added crunch to your meal.


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