Day 360 – sweet shirt

It was my sister that didn’t let me sit around feeling sorry for myself today as I looked down at the holes in the elbows of my shirt; pondering my unemployment and flirting with worry and uncertainty as I gaze directly into the pupil of a new year. It’s like the old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.
After doctoring this shirt up with a heaping teaspoon of creativity, I’m absolutely pleased to wear it. Now I feel proud instead of down on myself since I still have no job and no expendable cash to fritter away at Forever 21 or Macy’s. And I won’t even think about the pastel pink, glittery, soft sweater that I tried on yesterday… Besides, who has seen this shirt anywhere but in my house and on my body? So there! Take that! You nasty head of self-doubt and discouragement! I’m a unique individual and have a one of a kind item that no one else will ever have. 🙂
All this took was a few minutes of my time, some embroidered floral ribbon (to cut out the flower shapes from) and a needle and thread. So, consider this frown turned upside down. Thanks sissy for believing in me and not letting me sit on a pile of lemons. xoxo




  1. I love it, it looks awesome! 🙂

    Can you help me fix my fav hoodie? It has the Shrek Puss in Boots kitty on it. I’ve been embarrassed to wear it lately bc it has holes in the elbows.

  2. Cute sweater, but my favorite part is your smile! I’m so glad you are still blogging and I love your idea for 2014. WOW, what an impressive year you had!

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