Day 349 – homemade wreath

I just couldn’t stand having a blank front door this year. The wreath we were using was too big to have the screen door close around it, so I decided to make one!
I didn’t think this idea up-I found it on Pinterest, but I love the idea of repurposing and recycling items around the house to make beautiful and elegant Christmas décor. Check out my wire coat hanger wreath!



I also made my own “holiday pick” out of misc wired ornaments and baubles.


First, I bent my 2 coat hangers into a rectangle shape and secured the ends to each other-I just used pliers to twist around and around. Then, I wrapped about 10 feet of tinsel/garland around and around until I finished and secured the ends with some floral wire. Then, I attached the “pick” with more wire.
As you can see, I played with 2 shapes; first the off-set diamond shape and then the normal rectangle. I am not sure yet which style I like. Either way, they are both different from your traditional circle.

Which way do you like it best?

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