Day 347 – party mishap

NO, this isn’t blood or something gross-it’s candle wax! Has this ever happened to you? The dreaded candle wax on the good tablecloth? Well, my mom (the shy blogger) wanted to save this tablecloth from the wretched red wax that spilled on it during a Christmas party and so she started with what most people know to do to remove wax; use ice. It cools the wax and it will break off easily…usually…except on fabric.


We tried this tactic, icing the cloth and all it did was make it worse as you can see from the photo above-making it whitish and pushing it further into the fabric.


So, second try worked like magic!!!



Take paper towels, put 2 layers under the fabric and then on top of the fabric. Iron on high heat (or as needed for certain fabrics) and carefully iron it, moving the unused areas of paper towel around to soak up the wax. This only took about 2 minutes and we are both so pleased at how well this worked!!!

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