Day 346 – dinner

So…did anyone miss me for 3 days??? I totally did not plan on not blogging, but I had a slight snafu…something about another new job not working out…black cloud of doom over my shoulders while working there…toxic environment…and yes, this was job #2 where I experienced the same set of circumstances. Anyway, here I am. I am going to share my dinner for tonight. After being mentally spent over the last few days, I had to figure something out quick and semi healthy for dinner.
So, I took out a box of gluten free mac and cheese and made it up. I sautéed some mushrooms and threw them in the pan. Added some left over taco meat and some torn spinach leaves and voila! Sprinkle some garlic powder, salt and pepper and there you have it! Tastier and almost as easy as a microwave dinner!


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